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  • We are experts in opportunity hunting as we have foresight.
  • We believe in win-win partnerships and we support our clients to establish healthy collaborative relations.
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 We can provide you with consultancy on various aspects of your business. We can advise you on the best strategies, practices, policies, and standards for your sector.

Branding Strategy

We can assist in creating and communicating a unique identity and value proposition for your new projects including vision & mission, values, positioning, and target audience, design your logo, slogan, color scheme, typography, voice, tone, and style. 

Market research

We can conduct market research for your products or services. We can provide you with data and insights on the market size, trends, opportunities, challenges, competitors, customers, and preferences.

Public Relation and Societal partnership

We can help you build and maintain a positive image and reputation for your business. We can design and implement PR campaigns, media relations, social media management, corporate social responsibility programs, and stakeholder engagement activities.

Advertising Campaigns

We can arrange and manage advertising campaigns by connecting, contracting, coordinating and supervising the different components of the campaign starting from the market research to the message structuring to the artwork creating ending by the media buying process.

Legal Assistance

We can help you draft and sign contract memoranda of understanding (MoUs) and agreements with your partners, clients, or suppliers. We can ensure that the terms and conditions are clear, fair, and beneficial for both parties. We also can help represent our clients whenever it needs to ensure defending their commercial and legal interests.

Supply & Distribution

We can help you create and maintain a strong distribution network for your products or services. We can identify the best channels, partners, and locations for your distribution.

We can also help reinforce your supply chain and optimize your operations. We can monitor and manage marketing, logistics and transportation, of your products or services.

Conference & Trade Show Organizing

We are preparing to launch a series of conferences, exhibitions, forums and platforms that help our partners expand the base of their professional relationships using our expertise in this field, as we believe that the more professional meetings we create, the more opportunities for cooperation we generate. Our experience in this field enables us to perfectly handle all types of trade fairs and conferences.

Fund Raising

We can help you raise funds for your ventures, whether you are looking for grants, loans, equity, or crowdfunding. We can prepare the business plan, financial projections, pitch deck, and pitch to the relevant funders. We can help you find and secure sponsors for your events, projects, or initiatives. We can identify the suitable sponsors, pitch your proposal, and manage the sponsorship agreements.

Trade brokerage

We can act as your trade broker and help you find potential buyers or sellers for your products or services. We can negotiate the best deals, handle the contracts, and ensure the quality and delivery of the goods.

Event Management

Whether it is a professional meeting or a press conference, we can assist you organize and moderate them professionally. We can provide the agenda, speakers, presentations, materials, and follow-up reports. We can handle the media invitations, press kits, venue selection, catering, and technical support.

Travelling arrangements

We can help delegations in their business trips. Hotel booking, air tickets, transfers, secretarial and translation facilities, business lunch or dinner booking, meeting appointments and agenda, sightseeing can all be handled by us so that your delegates will be entirely ready to make their core business.

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